Pins and Pendants

Botryoidal grape Chalcedony pendant in silver with purple Spinel



Malachite, Chrysacola in Quartz with Uvaravite Garnet druze and Chrome Diopside, set in silver pendant


Australian Boulder Opal with Chrysacola Druze, Spinels and Amethyst


Rose cut Ruby with watermelon Tourmaline set in silver with faceted Ruby accent stone, pendant


Rutilated Quartz with black Sapphire and yellow faceted Opal set in silver, pendant


Dentric quartz pendant Handmade silver chain, dentric quartz with an overlay pattern on the silver


Eudiailite with pearl and garnet set in sterling silver


Fossil dinosaur bone, fossil coral, jasper and moonstone set in silver


Included quartz, green turquoise, mexican fire opal, and hessonite garnet set in silver

    Amber, rutilated quartz and beryl set in 14 and 18k gold  
    Sterling Silver, Ammolite, Australian Bolder Opal, and Peridot